About Us!

Unlayoff comes because of the situation we’re all witnessing. With the emergence of COVID-19, many workers have gone into a layoff, about 90,000 employees in Portugal and millions in other countries. Unlayoff emerges as a response to find out talent available already trained by other indusries.

Our platform allows companies to sell the hours of their employees but also people who have lost their jobs, can apply for the job search portal. We seek to create a service that allows people to be hired, without looking at discriminatory aspects. We focus on our values of equality and meritocracy.

We have also come to facilitate the work of human resource managers and recruiters, a platform where they can find available candidates who go according to what they are looking for. There is an optimized candidate search functionality that allows you to find the right candidates for the vacancy in as little time as possible.
Our platform allows the publication of the application as well as the job vacancy free of charge and is only charged when hiring with the candidate.